Thank you for your interest in my images.  I’ve been involved with photography, off and on and in varying degrees, for more than 30 years.  I remember my first camera, an old Leica with a twist film advance and a collapsable 50 mm lens- no autofocus, no meter no auto advance- but I loved that old camera. Eventually I, like almost everyone else, switched to a SLR and ultimately to medium format.  I have boxes and boxes of negatives and contact sheets waiting to be digitized.  Today, I shoot with a DSLR and use an electronic darkroom. Now, I have gigabytes and terabytes of data waiting to be processed and displayed.
I grew up making black and white images in my own darkrooms; whenever we moved we always found a spot for a darkroom.  Along the way I've had pictures exhibited in a museum and in private collections.   Even though my photography become less of a priority after graduate school, while I raised a family and pursued a career, it was always a passion I kept up with and made time for.  Today, I am very fortunate that I am able to spend a lot more time traveling, making and sharing images. 
Photographically, I believe there is hidden beauty in both the mundane and magnificent and it is the task of a fine art photographer to observe and present that beauty in a compelling manner.  A photograph, or even a video, can never be a substitute for "being there”, but a successful photograph can give you a glimpse, an insight, into the beauty the photographer observes and experiences.  A successful fine art photograph should be more than just a record of a place, a thing or an event. It should let the viewer feel what the photographer felt when he or she clicked the shutter.  We learned how to use a modern camera because we choose to photograph certain subjects because those subjects make us feel something and the images we present should likewise evoke a similar feeling from the viewer.  Put slightly differently, in order to be a fine art photographer we have to master the use of sophisticated glass,  bewildering electronics, and exotic metals and plastics to create a piece of “art", not an easy task- but ultimately a very worthy goal.