DisplayRite Prints

We believe that the highest form of photographic presentation is the fine art print- a compelling image which is both an absorbing and moving print presented in manner to enhance its artistic impact. What greater compliment can you offer an image than to have it hang on your wall for everyone to admire?  The images you present also says something about yourself and should therefore demonstrate extreme levels of technical and esthetic proficiency.

Our prints are each made of the highest quality material available at the time of your order. All images are printed on high end, usually, baryta photo paper using long lasting pigment inks which have been rated to last well over a hundred years. It is hard to describe the “look” of a well made print and it is almost impossible to display that “look”, that richness, that depth, that texture and subtly, on an all too bright low resolution computer monitor.  But a well printed image effortlessly conveys the emotion and feel of the moment in a form that will last a lifetime.

In addition to being skillfully printed, a fine art image needs to be presented in a manner that both enhances it’s “look" and maximizes its longevity.  We refer to our finished images as DisplayRite prints because we use the best possible, museum grade, archival display materials, the gold standard of presentation,  to professionaly exhibit your fine art. In addition to preventing fading and discoloration, archival material also creates a richer, more distinctive, appearance to your art work. Our DisplayRite prints are truly museum grade in that we use all archival material, including backing boards, mats, adhesives and even the pen used to sign your artwork.


Post Processing

All images are made using digital capture or are older film images that have been scanned and digitized. Images are optimized and enhanced using Lightroom/Photoshop and Nik software.  Other than occasionally removing distracting elements and/or layering image sections, images are not artificially composed or created. For the most part, what you see is what I saw. All images are individually printed and thoroughly inspected.


As part of post processing images are occasionally cropped to enhance their impact. I feel that you should print images to make them look better rather than print images to fit certain frame sizes.  As a result images will not always be the actual quoted dimensions but will be sized so either the longer or shorter size will be correct, depending on how the image is cropped.


Shipping and Warranty

Prints are shipped freight prepaid  within the continental United States. Please contact us for freight charges to other destinations. All images are shipped with your satisfaction guaranteed. We want you be completely comfortable with your purchase so, if for any reason you are not pleased with your image just send it back to us in the same condition as it was received by you, freight prepaid, for a full refund, less our freight cost, within thirty days. If for some reason your print (note that we are only talking about the print and not it’s frame, mat or mount) is damaged at any time,  just send us back the damaged print, again freight prepaid,  and we’ll replace it for you- all you need to pay for is any replacement of damaged presentation material and the freight back to your home.  All prints are shipped insured so you don’t need to worry about in transit damage.


Color and Black & White

Some images are presented in color and others are presented in black & white.  With digital capture all images invariably start out as color images so its a conscious, aesthetic,  choice to present images in black & white instead of color.  It actually takes much more work to make a black & white image since I first have to have an optimized color image that is later converted to black & white. Why then print in black & white? Because I think some images look better in black & white and I have an affinity for black & white images since my early photographs were all black & white prints made is a chemical darkroom.  However, if for some reason you want a color image printed in black & white or if you want a black & white image printed in color please contact me.  I will arrange for you to receive a sample prior to confirming any order.

Image Sizes

Images can be purchased in several sizes:
  8"x12"                                                                                                                                                                  10”x15”
16”x24"                                                                                                                                                                   20"x30"
Dimensions refer to the approximate image size.  Please remember that cropped images will be smaller than the indicated sizes in either the length or height, depending on how the image is cropped.  Please contact us if you need an image in a different size, we will be happy to accommodate your request.



Images can be ordered in several presentation styles:
Print only...
Print Matted...
Plaque Mounted...                                                                                    Gallery Wrap...

Print only is the most flexible style since you can have the image presented in any way you choose by going to your own frame shop. Images are printed with a minimum three quarter inch white border all around and, unless requested otherwise, images are signed on the border of the print.

Print Matted prints are float mounted, using archival mounting tissue, on to an archival mat board and surrounded with a double archival mat.  The inner mat is medium gray while the outer mat is the same off white color as the backing mat. Prints are signed on the lower right corner of the the mat board, using an archival pen, directly below the image.    Please contact us if you want your images signed or matted differently. Also, note that matted prints are significantly larger than the listed print sizes.  The matted sizes however are all standard frame dimensions so that you can take your matted photograph and easily find an appropriately sized frame.

Plaque Mounting is a relatively new, and increasing popular, presentation method. Your print is laminated to a UV protecting, glare reducing, plastic layer, designed especially for prints, which is then mounted on to a sealed, against moisture, wooden base that is further sealed on all edges with a black trim.  Plaque mounted prints have no borders, so the the size of the artwork is the size of the actual image, and are signed on the face of the print. Plaques mounting takes a while longer to complete so please anticipate at least a three week lead time. In addition to the standard plaque mounting there are options for plaque on plaque mounting and plaque frame mounting.  Please contact us for further information. 

We can also arrange for other presentation styles such as stretch mounting. Again, please contact us with your specific request and we will be happy to discuss your needs.  Also note that not all presentation styles are available in all sizes. If in you have any questions or specific needs please contact us directly.



    Prices for normal, non-panaramic, prints are as follows: 

    Size         Print Only    Print Mat   Plaque     Wrap     8"x12"        $ 45          $  75        ----            ----
    10”x15”        $ 65          $  90       $ 125        $ 135 12"x18"        $ 95          $ 125      $ 180        $ 190 16”x24”        $145            __        $ 240        $ 260    
    20”x30”        $195            ----       $ 380        $ 395      
    24”x36”        $390            ----       $ 575        $ 610  
    30”x45”        $600            ----       $ 945        $1000