Bosque del Apache

For as long as I can recall I had heard about Bosque del Apache.  It was always described, with extreme reverence, as being one of the very best areas to photograph birds, especially snow geese and cranes in November and December.  Well, I found myself slotted to be in Las Vegas in early November so I located a workshop that fit perfectly with my schedule and off to New Mexico I went to spend four days photographing tens of thousands of birds as they rocket into the sky, almost in unison, at sunrise and, on cue, stagger into one of several ponds at sunset.

The area, and photo opportunities, certainly lived up to its billing.  The birds, the light, the terrain, the predictability, the accessibility  all created an extraordinary photographic experience.  If you like taking pictures of birds, this is a place you absolutely  have to visit.  Below are some of the images I made in mid November 2015.