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Guanaco Under the Towers

A guanaco standing in front of the Three Towers in Torres del Paine, Patagonia in Chile. 

While driving in Torres del Paine we ran into a herd of guanacos, which are omnipresent all over Patagonia.  I found one guanaco standing in front of the three towers, the most prominent feature in Torres del Paine, which were shrouded in clouds.  I climbed up towards him to get a flatter angle and I’m still surprised the guanacos let you get so close to them.  Initially, he had his torso to me so I had to wait for him to turn around and hope the clouds enveloping the towers would drift away. Eventually, perhaps out of curiosity, he did turn towards me and the clouds over the mountains, luckily, did thin out enough to allow a glimpse of the three towers.  I made this image when everything came together. 

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