Siem Reap Portfolio

I had to travel to Vietnam on business and, since it was only a 90 minute flight, I just couldn’t resist the draw of Siem Reap.  I had seen the pictures of the Angkor temples and the scenes of trees growing out of ancient ruins and wanted to check  the experience off my growing list of must see places.

I wasn't disappointed.  Although the weather can be gruelingly hot and the temples are now literally overrun with tourists and street merchants instead of trees, the photo opportunities are unique and the cultural history is fascinating.  Where else can you walk through 1200 year old, recently discovered, temples in the middle of a jungle just minutes from a sprawling city and airport?  If you get there early in the day, avoid the strong sun and heat in the middle of the day and have a little patience, you’ll be rewarded with some great photo possibilities.