Patagonia Portfolio

A visit to Patagonia, especially Torres del Paine, was on my wish list for years.  I researched trips and itineraries and came close to buying tickets several times but something "important" always got in the way.  Finally, I found a photo workshop to Patagonia, moved stuff around and made participating a priority. So in March of 2013 I found myself on a plane to Buenos Aires.  I flew down to Argentina a few days early and flew home from Chile a few days after the workshop ended so I could do some additional hiking that the photo workshop didn't have scheduled.  I was gone for about 3 weeks- a real trip to a lifetime.

The workshop, in a word, was great.  If you want details please email me.  The scenery was as incredible and striking as advertised.  I had mostly good luck with weather but be aware that the weather is very unpredictable and changes often and quickly. I spent most of my time in either Parque National Los Glaciares in Argentina, at the base of Fitzroy, and in Torres del Paine in Chile with a day's stay in El Califate, the home of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Up early for crimson sunrises, out late for sunset, hiking in the dark to catch first light, boat trips to the base of glaciers, killer hikes up and down knee pounding switchbacks to unforgettable viewpoints, racing up hills after losing the trail to get that once in a lifetime sunrise image were just part of what I remember.  For a photographer, or an adventurer, Patagonia is one breathless surprise, one incredible landscape, after another.  Below are some of my images from my trip.  Enjoy.

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