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Scarlet Horns

Incredible Patagonian storm at sunrise over the Cuernos behind Salto Grande Falls in Torres del Paine.

I had been to the same spot the previous morning and nothing happened. We drove to Salto Grande Falls again hoping for a more eventful sunrise.   There is a path behind the main falls leading to a rock ledge over the rushing stream.  I’m standing on a small, scary, rock outcropping, barely large enough for me and my tripod, about a foot above the dangerous rapids.  We see the storm clouds but as the sun rises the sky turns a deep purple and starts to reflect off the Cuernos, the “horns”.  For a precious few minutes the light keeps getting more and more intense, throwing a deeper and deeper scarlet hue over the horns- an absolutely incredible photographic moment.  A few minutes after this image was taken it started to rain.


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