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Iceberg on Lago Viedma

Huge iceberg floating on Lago Viedma in Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia, Argentina.

The previous day I had hiked to the base of FitzRoy in Los Glaciares National Park and wanted an easy day for my knees to recover so I took a tourist cruise to the Viedma Glacier which is the source for Lago Viedma.   Our boat was able to maneuver around the many icebergs and get very close to the wall of the Viedma Glacier.  Just as interesting as the Viedma Glacier were the abundant icebergs in all kinds of random shapes and colors.  This iceberg, which was much bigger than our boat, was particularly attractive since, although not colorful, it literally changed shape every time we changed positions.  I made this image of one of its more interesting profiles.

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