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Lunch is Served

Brown bear walking off with salmon in Katmai National Park, Alaska. 

Sometimes you miss one great shot to get another.  We had been following a brown bear on the Little Kue Creek; I was set up on a small island waiting for the bear to do something interesting.  Suddenly the bear turned towards us and started rushing full speed, mouth open and claws exposed, upstream, directly in our direction.  Brown bears may look sluggish but they can run 35 miles an hour; if they want to catch you, you aren’t going to outrun a bear.  Instead of taking pictures I looked at our guide, who was armed, for guidance, who just stood there relaxed.  Suddenly, before I could get back to my camera, the bear dove into the water and stood up shortly holding a squirming red salmon. In spite of losing the shot of the bear charging, I was able to make this image of the bear walking into the woods to enjoy his fresh catch for lunch.

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